In this course, you will:

  • follow the path a Black Magnolia tea leaf takes in going from the field to your cup;
  • on the way, you will learn how the flavors in Black Magnolia come about;
  • appreciate the many different ways you can brew Black Magnolia tea;
  • and discover how to use Black Magnolia tea in a delicious recipe—a springboard to developing your own recipes!

Of course you will need some Black Magnolia to try for yourself, so you'll receive an ounce of Black Magnolia for your tasting experience, an infuser, and, just for the fun of it, a small UV flashlight, so you can see the beauty of the tea as it responds to UV light.

Note that some of the materials in this course are included in our US Tea 101 course, so if you have taken that course you will receive a discount for this course.

Black Magnolia before & after oxidation
Watch as the leaf is transformed into tea!

Follow Timmy as he goes through the processing steps to create Black Magnolia!

Kyle Brewing hot Black Magnolia
Here's Kyle Brewing hot Black Magnolia..

Kyle will show you how to brew hot, iced, cold brew, and nitro Black Magnolia, and Jason and Timmy will let you in on the secrets of real Southern Sweet Tea.

Ingredients for Black Magnolia Chutney
Here are the ingredients for Black Magnolia Chutney—

You'll get the recipe for this delicious chutney and watch it being prepared!

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US Teas & Their Pleasures—Black Magnolia