Three special courses

bundled together to give you an overview of the

US Tea Experience:

Learn the art & science of

How US Tea is Made

as you tour
The Great Mississippi Tea Company
and see the processing facilities at work.

Then sip award-winning US Teas (sent to you)
as you discover the pleasures of

Mississippi Sunshine


Black Magnolia.

More details below!

Jason and Timmy at the Tea Shack
How US Tea is Made

Gain first-hand insight into the how and why of tea growing, harvesting, and processing in Mississippi!

A quick tour of the farm to give you an idea:

US Teas & Their Pleasures — Mississippi Sunshine

What is yellow tea? Experience the answer as you sip a sample of this rare and delicious tea!

Check out the video to find out more!

Mississppi Sunshine Tea

What is Yellow Tea?

Black Magnolia Tea
US Teas & Their Pleasures—Black Magnolia

Discover how to prepare, present, and cook with a premium US black tea!

Discover Black Magnolia


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